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No roof can guarantee that a house won’t catch fire, but incombustible metal roofs can eliminate the roof as a fire risk. Consider this – even the lightest of asphalt shingles is nearly double the weight of an average metal roof, and a standard concrete roof weighs in at 15 tons! Imagine that overheard when the walls start shaking. Another big advantage of a properly configured metal roof is tremendous resistance to high winds. In fact, there is no better material for resisting the damage of extreme weather.

Got A Green Thumb?

All of our metal roofs are manufactured with a significant percentage of recycled material, closing the loop for efficient use of materials, and they offer assemblies that dramatically reduce the amount of heat accumulated in an attic, making them very energy efficient. While some of our finishes are Energy Star certified, all our metal roofs offer exceptional longevity, lowering life-cycle costs and the impact on our diminishing landfills.

  • +Shingle Specifications
    •  Non-combustible
      Recycled materials
      Superior durability, performance and lifespan
      120 mph wind warranty
      Hail impact warranty
      50 year non-prorated material warranty


  • Ash Gray

  • Alamo White

  • Black

  • Brite Red

  • Burgundy

  • Brown

  • Burnished Slate

  • Charcoal

  • Copper Metallic

  • Gallery Blue

  • Fern Green

  • Galvalume

  • Hunter Green

  • Light Stone

  • Ocean Blue

  • Pewter Gray